Hello N Track Friends!

My name is Bernt and I am a major collector of N scale - 1:160 model trains.

I have collected N in over 50 years and has gradually somewhat too much in the cupboards.

This is why I created this website, where you can buy from my collection.

All Locomotives has been tested and maintained.

Prices are, so they can compete with various Net-auctions.

Welcome and enjoy.

You can choose between Danish or English language on the little flags,

and you can choose currency in the shopping cart.

Exchange rates are updated once a day.


I ship all over the World. Enquire for Shipping-cost  before you make a purchase.


NB: Read freight, delivery and company profile before purchase!

NOTE: When you make a purchase, you must keep pressing "continue"
until your shopping cart is empty. 

After payment with credit card, press "Back to Spor N Samlingen"





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Bertel B. Jakobsen wrote:

Hej Bernt. I ønskes en rigtig god jul, samt et godt nytår. Det er en fornøjelse at handle med J... — More...

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